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This statement discloses the privacy practices for the entire Juniper Development Group and Sea Temple Resort & Spa websites.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed, via e-mail, to

We respect the privacy of our customers and therefore have adopted a set of information management guidelines that are the foundation of our customer relationships. These guidelines have been developed with the recognition that Internet technologies are rapidly evolving and that underlying business models are still not established. Accordingly, guidelines are subject to change. Any such changes will be posted on this page as required.

What we do
We collect personally identifiable information about our users. Our goal in collecting personal information online is to provide you with the most useful and helpful Web experience possible. By knowing your preferences, we will be able to deliver information that meets your needs and gives you special access privileges. Through online forms we collect:

• Name
• Surname
• Postal address
• Telephone number
• Facsimile number
• E-mail address
• IP address (for systems administration and troubleshooting)
• Demographic information (for user profiling in aggregate form).

We use this information for the following purposes:
• To perform statistical analyses measuring relative interest in the various areas of our site
• To send e-mail or conventional mail to you about our products and services
• To recognise user access privileges.

What we don't do
We do not, under any circumstances:
• Link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable
• Provide personal information to any third party
• Share the information we track on this site, in any form, with advertisers or any other parties
• Release personal information about any individual visitor.

Upon request, we will remove any subscriber (and his or her personal information) from our mailing lists. Any such request should be sent via e-mail to

Juniper Development Group is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of external Websites to which we may link.