Juniper Property Group Excellence in Property


The Juniper Group is one of Australia's most successful property development companies, enjoying a distinctive reputation both for its ability to deliver exceptional quality and for its clear-eyed focus on premium locations.

Established in 1992, the Group's steady growth has seen it compile a $1 billion plus portfolio that spans the spectrum from world-class tourism resorts and residential properties to strategic landholdings and commercial developments, and stretches along Australia's eastern seaboard from Port Douglas in Queensland's tropical north to the Gold Coast in Queensland's south east.

Through its commitment to excellence in architecture and construction and its visionary interpretation of Australian style and ideals, the Juniper Group has developed a following in the marketplace which is unique. Clients trust the Juniper instinct in site selection and are rewarded by a superior quality of life experience underpinned by solid investment opportunities.

Graeme and Shaun Juniper share the belief that the beauty of the natural world can be matched with inspirational architecture to deliver experiences which enrich life and create pleasure in all its variety. For them, this is realised to its fullest through the affinity between the human spirit and the sea, celebrated in international calibre developments at irreplaceable beachfront locations.

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